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Courage Consultations are 50 minute coaching-style honest conversations with an experienced member of the Courage team.



Whether you are changing your career, daily routine, habits, relationships, physical fitness, mental fitness, taking on a new challenge, or something totally different - we are here for you. We’ve found that by far the best and fastest way to progress is to talk about these things openly and honestly and tackle them head on.



Courage Consultations is a totally new approach, backed by neuroscience. Our coaches use a combination of self-inquiry, self-awareness, and transformational questions to get you to where you want to be. It’s a simple yet powerful process of questioning and answering.



You can book a session with one of our coaches - Dr. Josh Phillips (“the more creative one”) or Harry Coburn (“the more adventurous one”), who both bring their own unique energy and experience. You can find their profiles here and see who you feel is the best match.



Courage Consultations can take place by phone, video call, or in person at our Courage HQ in Camden Collective.



We are flexible with timings to fit with your schedule. Get in touch to arrange the best time for you.



30 minute introduction - FREE

50 minute Courage Consultation - £60

3 x Courage Consultation - £150