13th - 19th October 2019

Courage Adventure - Portugal

Transform through adventure and coaching on an immersive 7-day getaway with a community of other inspirational and exceptional professionals.



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About the Adventure 


Transform through adventure

Courage Adventure is about making the most of travel by combining adrenaline pumping activities with the time and space to learn, reflect and grow. It’s a unique experience built on the idea of ‘travelling with purpose’, allowing you to revive your inner passions, push your boundaries and master the skills you need to thrive in this rapidly changing world. This adventure is curated and designed to allow you to breathe, grow, pursue your purpose, level up, and get the best out of your career, business, and life.


Current Availability
Open - Limited Spots available

Tomar, Portugal
1hr 30mins from Lisbon Airport

Adventure Dates
13-19 October 2019

Fire-walking, Glass-walking, Arrow Breaking, 5 Rhythms, Yoga, Meditation, Trance Dance, Biodynamic Breath, Radical Honesty, Nature immersion, Voice embodiment, Coaching Workshops

Optional Add-on Activities
Skydive, 4x4 Safari,

Adventure Cost  
Packages from just £1395

Deposit to secure spot
Only £200


The Itinerary


Day 1 - Arrival

Arrive at Courage HQ in the beautiful countryside of Tomar, Portugal and take a breath of fresh air. Check in, drop off your luggage, and settle in to your new home for the week. Gather in the evening to meet your fellow Adventurers over the first of many delicious vegetarian meals, then head to the geodesic dome to kick off the adventure.


Day 2 - Break Free

Break free from constraints and frustrations that might be holding you back. Activities and workshops encourage you to clarify your intentions for Courage Adventure, what you want to get from the experience and beyond, explore your deeper sense of purpose, and find your Why. This includes power yoga, radical honesty, group workshops, and individual reflection.


Day 3 - Unravel

Let go of tensions and expectations that you might be carrying, and find space and time to unwind, relax, and reset away from the demands of daily life. Activities and workshops are aimed at finding a greater sense of inner calm and ease in the body and mind. This includes yoga, breathwork, nature immersion, and meditation.


Day 4 - Energise

Revive your inner passions, reconnect with your sense of playful wonder. Activities and workshops focus on flow as an optimal state or zone for productivity and performance. Options include yoga, voice, embodiment, dance, and 4x4 safari adventure off-site.


Day 5 - Dare

Lean into it, push your boundaries, and discover what you are capable of. Activities and workshops enable you to identify your comfort zone and then safely and effectively move through it to level up. Options include yoga, arrow breaking, metal rod bending, breathwork, dance, and skydiving off-site.


Day 6 - Become

Become what you seek to be and do in life, connect with your authentic self, and trust your fellow Adventurers to help each other get there. Activities and workshops give you the opportunity to break through your remaining barriers and put you on the path to take on the world. This includes yoga, personal reflection, group workshops, wooden board breaking, and the closing ceremony with firewalking.


Day 7 - Departure

Pack up your bags, say your farewells, and head out of Courage HQ. Once home Courage Adventure continues with Courage Global access to Adventurer services, a global community, and regular events and meetups.  


Adventure Highlights

Just a few of the life-changing experiences Adventurers can look forward to on this itinerary

Man jumping out of plane Skydiving_Courage Adventures

Take the leap

Jump head first out of a plane from 4000m up, reaching speeds of 200km per hour with 45 seconds of freefall flying. There’s no more exciting way to get a fresh perspective on life.

Jeep driving through mud_Courage Adventures

Pursue with purpose

Explore the beautiful beaches, cliffs, and views of Sintra Natural Park as you ride in vintage open-top jeeps. Take the time and space to clarify your sense of purpose, career path, and next best move to level up.

Woman walking along a beach_Courage Adventures

Get fired up

Set your intentions for Courage Adventure and beyond, then walk through fire with your fellow Adventurers to take on the world. Literally.

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What's Included

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Boundary-pushing action, reflection, and coaching workshops.

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20 hectare eco-retreat with 175m2 dome, swimming pool, beautiful views, horses and stunning spaces.

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Delicious vegetarian meals using organic produce from the farm on-site.


24/7 Team

To give you the best Courage Adventure experience possible.

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Professional Development Team

Dedicated team to assist in funding your adventure from your employer.

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Courage Global Community Access

Access to our community, content and expert instructors for life.


Get away. Push your boundaries.
Discover a new you.

Discover your path with Courage Adventure and explore a world of possibilities.

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About Courage


Courage Adventure is a catalyst for professionals who want to learn, grow, and transform through adventure experiences around the world.

The company designs and delivers tools, programs, and getaways for the future of work, providing professionals with skills, knowledge, unique experiences, and ongoing access to a global community.

In joining a program, you’ll adventure in Portugal with a group of fellow professionals from varied industries and nationalities.

Courage Adventure currently offers 1-week programs, along with exclusive member benefits upon completing a program.