Dr Josh Phillips

PhD, MPhil, MA Cantab, BA Hons

I love systems thinking! With over 10 years experience in coaching, consulting, and learning-by-doing, I’ve found systems thinking to be THE most powerful way to create beautiful solutions to complex problems - whether that’s career change, life design, starting a business, growing a brand, or taking on a new challenge.

I’m passionate about maximising energy and minimising stress to thrive in everyday life.

I’ve worked with Courage Global, PlusValue Consulting, Restless Development, World Boutique Hotel Awards, British Council, and LEK Consulting. I’ve got a PhD in Innovation from Queen Mary University London, as well as Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from Cambridge University.

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Innovative Ideas

I take a holistic systems approach to accelerate growth for people and businesses, looking at everything including systems thinking, design thinking, coaching, psychology and learning-by-doing.

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Useful Practical Tools

I’ve built a set of tried and tested tools for growth that actually work. I haven’t tried to re-invent the wheel. Instead I’ve distilled complex methodologies into practical tools that anyone can use to fast-track their growth.

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Coaching and Consulting

My coaching and consulting services are designed to address the different barriers, frictions and sticking points for growth. This enables people and businesses to thrive, with far more ease and flow in their everyday experience.

 Got questions? Get answers!

Drop me an email with any questions you might have, and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can with the very best tools, insights and strategies that I have in my locker. Honestly, ask me anything! I love problem solving and answering your questions.