What is Courage Adventure?

Courage Adventure is a boundary-pushing adventure experience for professionals, designed to develop courage, pursue purpose, and level up in your career and life. It challenges Adventurers to learn to see things differently, to take control and lead, and get the best out of yourself and others.

Courage Adventure uses bold action and intentional reflection to engage a group in a transformational adventure held over one immersive week in Tomar, Portugal.

The experience is designed as an adventure inside as well as out. It combines skydiving, radical honesty, firewalking, yoga, nature safari, breathwork, ecstatic dance, mindfulness, and much more. Action is aligned with feedback and reflection using daily workshops, group discussions, personal reflection, and journaling to develop courage and intentionally explore who you are, what you want, and how to pursue it, better and faster. Adventurers complete the experience with a personalised plan of action, as well as a global network of courageous innovators and leaders who support and inspire each other to level up.

Each part of the adventure is led by top instructors, who work with you as a group of unique individuals. We generally have a ratio of one instructor to every ten Adventurers. During the adventure, each person takes responsibility for her or his own learning, while also contributing to the growth of the whole group.

Adventurers come together as professionals, learners, explorers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders from around the world.

You can meet the team that creates Courage Adventure here

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Where else can I learn more about Courage Adventure?

You can check out our Adventures page, watch our video, book a quick chat with our team, or email hello@courageglobal.com

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What are the important dates and deadlines?

Courage Adventure Portugal - Bookings Open, Limited Spots Available

Adventure start date: 13th October, 2019
Adventure end date: 19th October, 2019

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How can I join a Courage Adventure?

You can Get Started here or book your spot.

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Why does Courage Adventure exist? 

We’re currently in a purpose epidemic. Many of us feel let down by a system that puts institutions before individuals. Worldwide, 85% of employees are feeling disengaged at work, while 75% of professionals are experiencing a quarter-life crisis. Something has to change yet the cost of inaction is killing us. Not being deeply aligned in our actions is a sure way to spend a lot of time and energy wasting our lives.

The best way we can spend our time now is:

  • Learning the number one skill to succeed - Courage

  • Learning about ourselves and our purpose in career and life

  • Learning how to learn - meta-learning

These are the three forces that help us get the best out of ourselves in career and life, and these are the three building blocks of the Courage Adventure.

Together, our Adventurers learn to master courage by taking action. Act first, decisively, and often. Once we commit to action, we let go of the fears and expectations that hold us back, and see more of what is really there.

Once it gets easier to see, we take the time and space to share openly and reflect honestly on our new adventures. We look again at what happened, how we felt and acted, what we learned, and what we’d do differently for the next time.

With this new found clarity of purpose and courage cutting through the noise, we teach ourselves how to adapt, how to take on any challenge, and what we are truly capable of.

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What is the itinerary like?

The Courage Adventure is a 7-day immersive adventure that takes place in and around Tomar, Portugal.

Day 1: Arrive

  • Check in to Courage HQ

  • Welcome dinner

  • Opening Ceremony

Day 2: Break Free

  • Yoga

  • Radical Honesty

  • Group workshops

  • Personal reflection

Day 3: Unravel

  • Yoga

  • Nature Immersion

  • Breathwork

  • Meditation

Day 4: Energise

  • Yoga

  • Voice embodiment

  • Dance

  • 4x4 Safari Adventure (optional extra)

Day 5: Dare

  • Yoga

  • Arrow-breaking

  • Glass-walking

  • Metal-bending

  • Skydiving (optional extra)

Day 6: Become

  • Yoga

  • Personal reflection

  • Group workshops

  • Wood-breaking

  • Fire-walking

  • Closing Ceremony

Day 7: Depart

  • Check out of Courage HQ

  • Departure

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Why is Courage Adventure in Portugal?

Immersion. The Courage Adventure is in Portugal so that our Adventurers can get away from their day to day routine and immerse as a group in Portugal’s nature, sunshine, beaches, culture, food, warmth, and flow as a key part of the transformational adventure and relaxing retreat experience.

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Joining a Courage Adventure

What can I expect?

The Courage Adventure is an absolute blast. It’s immersive, intense, and for most, transformational. Unlike traditional retreats or adventure holidays, the Courage Adventure is designed to build your courage muscle for rapid learning and future-proof growth.

As a group and as individuals, you’ll be challenged to learn, reflect, take action, create, and connect in innovative, playful, and exciting ways. Each day you’ll be taking action to push your boundaries, share your experiences as a group, and reflect deeply about what the adventure means for you personally. You’ll end the adventure with a personalised plan of action to pursue your purpose with new found clarity, effectiveness, and courage.

Our Adventurers are the most brave and determined bunch of explorers, learners, doers, innovators, action takers, adventurers, entrepreneurs, and leaders on the planet. When you finish the Courage Adventure you’ll be surrounded by a global community of professionals who help each other pursue purpose and achieve massive impact, with the courage to take on any challenge and succeed.

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What kind of people does Courage Adventure attract?

Typically our Adventurers are professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, artists, innovators, designers, builders, doers, makers, managers, executives, and leaders. Adventurers are often the kind of people who are already aiming and achieving high, but want the experiences and opportunities that the Courage Adventure offers to really take things to the next level. It’s an adventure, but it’s not a traditional holiday. It’s an intense, immersive, transformational experience for people in a hurry to pursue their purpose with more clarity, effectiveness, and freedom.

Every group of Adventurers is different - different people, backgrounds, organisations, comfort zones, goals, and dreams. But they all have one thing in common - their mindset. They are brave and determined in their desire to master courage, in their search to find and fulfil their unique sense of purpose, to lead, to constantly innovate, to thrive in their career and lives, and, ultimately, to make the most of life’s great adventure.

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What are the benefits of Courage Adventure vs. a traditional adventure holiday or retreat?

Consider the traditional adventure holiday or retreat: it might be fun or relaxing, but you spend a lot of time, energy, and money without pursuing your purpose, only to return to exactly the same situation that you left.

The best adventure experience is transformational. It opens you up to new ways of thinking and living as you connect with a group of fellow adventurers.

What’s changed is that life is getting more comfortable. We have access to more products, services, information, and technology to do things for us than ever before. There is less and less motivation to push our boundaries, professionally or personally. But without this challenge we cannot learn and grow. We cannot innovate. We cannot lead. We cannot get the best out of ourselves and others. We cannot be free.

Our goal with the Courage Adventure is to assemble the most brave, determined, adventurous professionals on the planet and connect them to push boundaries, pursue purpose, and level up. In just one week of intense, immersive, transformational adventure.

The Courage Adventure does not pretend to be a magic pill for happiness. Instead, we’re focused on taking action. Take action first. Then we focus on intentional and honest reflection to learn from it, better and faster.

The Courage Adventure isn’t a traditional adventure holiday or retreat. It’s a boundary pushing adventure experience, intentionally designed to help you build courage as a fundamental tool to pursue your purpose and take on any challenge, no matter what.

If this sounds like part of the change you’d like to see in your career and life, we can’t wait for you to Get Started :).

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Who are the instructors?

Check out this page all about our instructors.

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How much does Courage Adventure cost?

Courage Adventure packages start from just £1,395. Costs vary depending on your choice of specialised activities and accommodation upgrades. You can check out all the options, design your perfect adventure, and reserve your spot on our booking platform.

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Consider asking your boss

The Courage Adventure is immersive and transformational for rapid change, learning, adaptation, resilience, and future-proof growth. It’s ideal for leaders and innovators in every field. Our Professional Development Team can provide you with resources and help you talk to your employer about joining an adventure. If you think your company would benefit from talking with us, then give us your HR Manager’s details here so we can get in touch.

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Can my loved ones join me on my Courage Adventure?

Absolutely The Courage Adventure is open to everyone and Adventurers can come with their loved ones, friends, in small groups, in larger groups, with family members, in couples, as well as lots of solo Adventurers.

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Can I join a Courage Adventure with my work colleagues, team or boss?

Of course. You can also check out our page for businesses if you are looking for a bespoke experience or speak with our Professional Development Team.

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On your Courage Adventure

What kind of support do you offer people who are having trouble with the adventure?

Everything we’re building revolves around this question. Too often, the idea of pushing boundaries is seen as a negative, scary, or painful thing, instead of the playful, exciting, exhilarating opportunity to level up it can be. Too often, the outcome of any challenge is seen as binary: “I will do it no matter what” or “I will never do it”. Too often, we tell ourselves a story that “I’m not the sort of person who can do it”.

The truth is, we all have the ability and desire to push boundaries, excel, fulfil our potential, and get the best out of life. It’s not easy, but that’s why it’s so much fun :) On the Courage Adventure we help you get there by leaning into it. We start slow, build things up to the right level for you, and stretch your courage muscle just the right amount, so that you can smash through your personal barriers and level up. From the moment you join through to the end of the adventure and beyond, our Courage Team and Global Community is here to support you every step of the way.

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What are the frustrations some people have with the Courage Adventure?

Some people are hoping for more immediate or obvious answers to the deeper questions of identity and purpose that they seek.

We’ve also found that some people hesitate to share their true thoughts and feelings in the group. So much of our day-to-day experience is spent acting the way we “normally” do or the way other people expect of us, it can be difficult to open up, trust, explore, unravel, and share new experiences.

Fortunately, our Adventurers usually discover that this is all part of what we’re trying to create with Courage Adventure. It isn’t a program with a fixed or guaranteed result. Instead, it’s an experiential process, one that gives Adventurers the space and connections they need to level up.

It’s not for everyone, but it might be for you.

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Do I have to do all the activities?

No, but Courage Adventure is a 1-week immersive experience and the other members of the group are counting on you and each other to be brave, determined, and fully present. We’ve found that Adventurers who commit to all the activities get the most out of the experience, and ultimately, themselves. We encourage you to do all the activities, but in the end the choice and responsibility is entirely yours.

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What is the accommodation like?

Home for Courage Adventure is a stunning ecotourism retreat in the countryside of Tomar, Portugal, located 1h30 drive from Lisbon. It’s lush, calm, beautiful nature, as far as the eyes can see. The 20 hectare eco-friendly retreat is complete with 175m2 geodesic dome, salt-water swimming pool, sun terrace with bbq, lounge with sofas and fireplace, fields with sweeping views and horses, an organic vegetable garden and fruit orchard.

There is also free WiFi available in the common areas. We understand how important it is to have a comfortable and cosy home away from home. On Courage Adventure you can choose from a range of apartments, dorms, tipis, and yurts. So whether you are travelling solo, with friends, as a couple or in a group, there are accommodation options to suit your needs.

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What are the meals like?

Three delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals are served each day. And there’s great coffee. In-house chefs prepare nutritious vegetarian food for our Adventurers using organic produce freshly picked from the vegetable garden and fruit orchid on-site. There are options for all dietary requirements, as long as our Onboarding Team knows in advance.

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What are the transport arrangements?

The majority of Courage Adventure activities take place on-site with no extra transport needed. For off-site activities like Skydiving (1h drive) and 4x4 Safari Adventure (1h45 drive), all local transport to and from activities is organised for you and included in the Adventure price. To arrive and depart from Courage HQ in Tomar, Adventurers are required to make their own travel arrangements. Our Adventure Consultants and On-Boarding Team can answer all your questions about local transport arrangements.

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How is the Courage Adventure structured?

The Courage Adventure is structured around 5 pillars:

  1. Break Free

  2. Unravel

  3. Energise

  4. Dare

  5. Become

For each pillar, the learning and growth that you can experience on the adventure is driven by three dynamic parts:

  • Action: You choose to take part in boundary-pushing adventure activities, inside as well as out. These activities are designed to challenge your mind, body, and spirit to develop courage and pursue purpose in innovative, exciting, and playful ways. Our adventures combine skydiving, mindfulness, radical honesty, firewalking, yoga, nature safari, breathwork, ecstatic dance, and much more.

  • Reaction: You share your honest thoughts and feelings that arise from the adventure activities you take part in. This can be done in pairs, small groups, or bigger groups depending on the specific activity and instructor. The Reaction process enables you to fast-track learning and connect deeper as a group by leveraging and supporting each other’s experiences.

  • Reflection: After taking Action and feeding back your Reaction in groups, you reflect more deeply on what the experience means for you and your desired purpose. You write a ‘Reflection Note’ to consider what happened, how it made you feel, what you learned, and what you’d do differently next time. This process enables you to develop courage and pursue your purpose with far greater clarity, speed, and fulfilment. Enjoy the process :)

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What is the group size?

The Courage Adventure in Portugal is limited to 50 spaces.

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Courage Adventure fees

What is included in the Courage Adventure?

The Courage Adventure includes:

  • 6 nights accommodation

  • All meals

  • Adventure activities

  • Local transport to/from adventure activities

  • Group masterminds and workshops

  • Personal reflection tools and resources

  • State-of-the-art courage building methodology

  • World class instructors

  • Adventure Consultants

  • Professional Development Team

  • On-Boarding Team

  • Membership to Courage Global Community with life-long access to Adventurer Services, tools, resources, events, and meetups

As well as all the activities on the Courage Adventure, you also get immersive coaching from top instructors. One hour of coaching alone can cost £250, so just 10 hours would already cost you £2500. With us, you get an entire week.

During the Courage Adventure, you also get limitless support, motivation, fun, and inspiration from your group of Adventurers. On top of that, you will also gain Courage Global Community Membership that gives you access to Adventurer Services, our community, resources, and content for life.

From our side, we also invest a lot - in your instructors, adventure activities, venue, food, accommodation, transport, tools, materials, as well as the energy, time, and passion of a full time team making it all happen.

We built this program for you - combining over a year of design, research, and testing on ourselves and pioneering groups. The goal is to help you become future-proof, and have a blast doing it. It’s amazing what you can achieve in a week of immersive adventure. So no more quick fixes, no more sitting at a desk waiting for change, much more control over your decision-making, and much more freedom in your life.

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What is not included in the Courage Adventure?

The Courage Adventure does not include:

  • International flights and transfers

  • Alcoholic drinks (we don’t have a license to sell alcohol on-site but you can buy alcohol off-site or bring your own)

If you are interested in an all-inclusive package with flights and transfers please contact our Adventure Consultants at Hello@courageglobal.com

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What about travel insurance?

You will need to arrange your own personal travel insurance. Our activities can include skydiving, firewalking, and other adventurous options. Your safety is our top priority and all activities are delivered by qualified instructors with professional insurance. However, you will still need to arrange a personal travel insurance policy that covers you to take part. Our On-Boarding Team is here to make sure you are covered and to answer all your questions.

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What types of payment are accepted?

We accept all standard credit and debit card options as well as PayPal. We are not currently set up to bill your company, so we ask that you expense this if your employer is paying for the Courage Adventure. Bookings and payments can be made by completing the online booking form on our website, via email or on the phone with one of our Adventure Consultants.

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What is your payment policy?

The Courage Adventure is a mutual commitment. We commit to welcoming you into a unique group of Adventurers and doing everything we can to deliver on the promises of the Courage Adventure. In return, we ask you to commit to spending the time, money and passion it takes to develop courage and level up, at the same time as you contribute to others on the Courage Adventure.

We understand that life can interfere and that plans change, and we’ve tried to create a payment policy that respects you, our Adventurers and our mutual commitments.

We only require a £200 deposit to secure your spot on the Courage Adventure. The booking deposit is non-refundable. We then send you an invoice for the remaining balance, to be paid within 7 days of receiving the invoice. For full details you can speak to one of our Adventure Consultants or check out our Payment Policy.

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Is financing available?

Not yet, but we’re working on it.

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Are there scholarships available?

Not yet, but we’re working on it. We want to open up the Courage Adventure opportunity to more people as we’ve seen how life-changing it can really be.

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Plus this

Want to see our YESAQs where the answer is always yes?

YES during the Courage Adventure

  • Can I make the most of Courage Adventure with an everyday level of fitness?

  • Can I make the most of Courage Adventure if I haven’t pushed my boundaries in the past?

  • Can I choose which activities I take part in?

  • Can I make the most of Courage Adventure if I already have experience of taking on challenges and pushing my boundaries?

  • Will experienced instructors be there during Courage Adventure?

  • Will Adventurers encourage each other?

  • Will I get any free merchandise?

  • Will I get any materials to look through a few weeks before Courage Adventure starts?

YES after the Courage Adventure

  • Will you connect us online after my Courage Adventure?

  • Can I see photos from my Courage Adventure?

  • Can I see videos from my Courage Adventure?

  • Can I keep in touch with my group after Courage Adventure?

  • Are there opportunities to collaborate and adventure with fellow alumni?

  • Do Adventurers and alumni stay friends after the experience?

  • Are there opportunities to meet up in person with my group and other alumni?

  • Do Adventurers return for more Courage Adventures?

  • Do Adventurers continue to develop courage after the experience?

  • Do Adventurers continue to pursue purpose after they return Courage Adventure?

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Ready to Get Started?

Thanks for checking out our Courage Adventure FAQs and YESAQs. If the Courage Adventure sounds like it is for you then Get Started and we can’t wait to adventure with you. If not, no worries. You know where to find us if you feel the call to adventure :)

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