Help your employees help you.
Give them a dose of Courage.
Change the game.

Improve your employee engagement, retention, and recruitment efforts by offering Courage tools, programs, and getaways

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Why is Courage good for business?

Your employees will join a group of inspiring and exceptional professionals to develop skills and knowledge in leadership, adaptability, and resilience.


Increase Employee Loyalty

Courage Adventure can improve employee commitment, appreciation of their organisation, reduce attrition, and increase employee loyalty.


Professional Development

Courage Adventure offer professional workshops, guest speakers, mastermind groups, networking events, onsite training, offsite getaways, and personal development tools for your employees to level up their productivity and performance.


Recruit Top Talent

Offering Courage Adventure as a benefit or performance incentive helps businesses to recruit top talent in the rapidly changing future of work and remain competitive within their industry.

“The cost of losing just one employee is £30,614”

A little investment in the right places can save a fortune in the long run. Attract, retain and develop your top talent.


What's Included for your employees

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Professional Growth

Tools and strategies that develop leadership and innovation

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Personal Growth

Activities and experiences that develop self-confidence, adaptability, and resilience

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Top Instructors

Cutting-edge tools and methodology to give your employees the most high-impact and sustainable learning and growth


Adventure Consultants

Program leaders for each group as well as local staff on the ground to ensure that everything runs smoothly for your employees.

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Professional Development Team

To answer all your questions and ensure that you and your employees get the most out of the Courage Adventure Program from start to finish.

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On-Going Support

Access to our exclusive Courage Global Community, Adventurer Services, tools, resources, and instructor network for life.


“Employees are 38% more effective at work after training and wellness programs”

We can help you attract, retain and develop your top talent.

Lead with Courage.
Transform your employees.
Discover true growth.

See how the Courage Adventure will get the best out of your employees

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