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What is Courage Adventure?

Courage Adventure is a seven day transformational adventure in Portugal for professionals to pursue purpose, level up, and get the best out of their career, businesses, and lives. Join an adventure with up to 50 other like-minded brave and determined professionals, from a variety of backgrounds.


Transform through travel


Adventure, freely

We design and deliver the transformative adventure so you can focus on immersing in the experience. The adventure fee covers activities, accommodation, meals, and everything else you need…

A unique take on what it means to adventure

Our world-class instructors are there to lead the activities and workshops throughout the week so that adventurers can get the most out of the experience. Jumping out of a plane one minute, in deep reflection the next, it’s a unique adventure inside as well as out.

New connections, like no other

Courage Adventure provides an uncommon space and environment for deep and long-lasting connections to form, giving you a unique life-long community which lasts far beyond the boundaries of the adventure.


Check out everything included in the Courage Adventure

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Join an Adventure today


Choose your Adventure

Get started by choosing the adventure and accommodation options that are right for you.

Commit and reserve your spot

Once you’ve chosen your adventure pay a deposit to reserve your spot.

Start your life-changing adventure

Meet your fellow adventurers as you arrive at our eco-retreat HQ in Portugal and our Courage team will be there to greet you. Settle in to your new surroundings and prepare to embark on a truly life-changing adventure.


Get started on your Adventure today

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Adventure Program and Costs

We currently offer a 7-day Courage Adventure in Portugal made up of activities, accommodation, meals, workshops, and much much more.

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Courage Adventure - Portugal

The perfect chance to transform through adventure with a group of inspirational and exceptional professionals. If you want to better understand yourself, explore what you’re truly capable of, and level up in your career and life, the Courage Adventure is your perfect fit.

Book your spot: £200 deposit

Packages: from just £1,395*

*The cost depends on the activities and accommodation you choose.

Courage surrounded me with an incredible group of highly talented and inspirational people, all of who wanted to help each other achieve their dreams.
— Stephen Head, Fleet Engineering Lead at Heathrow Express / MBA at London Business School

Get away. Push your boundaries.
Discover a new you.

Discover your path with Courage Adventure and explore a world of possibilities.

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Learn more about the power of travel, pushing boundaries and pursuing purpose