Rui develops courage through firewalking, glass walking, trance dance, biodynamic breath, and more. He is trained in firewalking (Firewalk Institute), aum and active meditation (Osho Humaniversity), biodynamic breathwork, (Energy of Breath Institute), ritual trance dance (Trance Dance International), permaculture design (Permaculture Association), Psychology (Universidad Fernando Pessoa). Rui is founder of Projecto Simplesmente based in Tomar, Portugal.  

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Emily develops courage through embodiment, voice, singing, and movement. She is trained in classical opera (Royal Welsh College of Music), physical theatre (Fife College), and theta healing (mentored by Jennifer Main). She has worked with Company of Wolves, Magnetic North, Glynebourne Education, English Touring Opera Education, ARTIS, Sing Up, Monkey Muisic. Emily is currently resident singing teacher at Edinburgh’s Steiner School, and is founder of EmBodyVoice based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Michael develops courage through radical honesty, mindfulness, touch, and transformational love. He is trained in radical honesty (Radical Honesty Enterprises), somatic coaching (Grinberg Method), tantric healing, and forrest yoga. He has delivered thousands of hours of seminars, group sessions, 1-1 coaching, retreats, and lectures. Michael is founder of Kreuzweiser.org based in Berlin, Germany.   

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Anna Maria develops courage through dance, transformational events, and kick-ass marketing. She has worked with Unilever, Proximity, Nomad Cruise, Portugal Spirit Festival, The Hoxton Mix, Product Hunt, TedX, Connect2Effect, School of Communication Arts 2.0 and many more. She is a trained 5Rhythms instructor (mentored by Jason Rowe). Anna Maria is founder of Primal and 5Rhythms Portugal Sweat, based in Lisbon, Portugal.



Aude develops courage through deep self-love, gamification, and cutting edge innovation. She has worked with NTT Data Corporation, Intrepid Pursuits, Interforcfef marketing, John Molson Sustainable Business Group, and Gender Bridge. Aude founded Pink Kiwi Mobile and coaching company Audeolivia based in Montreal, Canada.

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Kula develops courage through rhythm, music, and movement. He is a trained Laughter Yoga Facilitator, Soul Hunting Healer, Drum Circle and Trance Dance facilitator. He studied Biomusicology with renowned teachers Bobby McFerrin, Wilbert Alix, Madan Kataria and Arthur Hull. The last 2 years he has focused on Taketina Rhythm with Reinhard Flatischler. Kula is founder of Rit Mundo based in Sintra, Portugal.