Courage Values

We consider these values every day as we make decisions, plan new adventures, and set goals for the future. They keep us on track to achieve our mission and purpose. We don’t just talk about these values. We live them.  

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“What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do, but held back from doing?”

Courage was started by asking a simple question. Out of that curiosity grew an incredible company and community with a set of shared values and a mission for achieving massive impact.


Our Mission

“To empower a generation to pursue their purpose with courage, so that they can get the best out of themselves, their careers, and their lives.”


Our Values



We approach the world with playful wonder, turning it into a limitless playground for learning and growth.



We commit to always innovating, pursuing positive change and massive impact by pushing our boundaries with action and alignment.



We inspire and motivate ourselves and each other to be honest, authentic, and act through our truest forms of expression



We strive for clarity in our intent, thoughts, sense of purpose, connections, and communications.



We stand for freedom to take control of our lives, to choose how we spend our precious time, to clarify what we want to achieve, and be free to pursue it - no matter what


Start your Courage Adventure today

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