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Everything you need to get you to where you want to be

No matter your situation in career, life, or level of experience, we're prepared to help and support you every step of the way in making a Courage Adventure program right for you. Check out everything that comes with joining from the moment you Get Started to long after you complete your adventure.


Before the Adventure starts

For many, Courage Adventure is the opportunity to shake things up and make an exciting change. We’re here to help professionals level up, with our dedicated team and various tools and resources on transforming through adventure.

Getting on-board


Adventure Consultants

Once you get started, you'll hop on a call with one of our Adventure Consultants. They'll answer all your questions about Courage Adventure.

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Professional Development Team

Does your company invest in your development? Our Professional Development Team  can provide you with resources and help you talk to your employer about joining an adventure. If you think your company would benefit from talking with us, then give us your HR Manager’s details here so we can get in touch.

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On-Boarding Team

After you've committed to an adventure, you'll get passed onto our On-boarding team who will provide you with everything you need to know before you depart.


Everyone has things they want to achieve so why wouldn’t you want to be part of Courage
— Zina Wegrynski, TV Script and Development Editor
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On Your Courage Adventure

Courage Adventure fees includes your activities, accommodation, meals, and much much more.


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Boundary-Pushing Activities

Courage Adventure activities include fire-walking, skydiving, glass-walking, arrow breaking, 5 rhythms, yoga, meditation, trance dance, biodynamic breath, radical honesty, nature immersion, voice embodiment, and workshops.

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World-Class Instructors

Courage Adventure instructors are handpicked to give you an exceptional, cutting-edge, life-changing experience using the best tools and strategies out there.

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State-of-the-art Methodology

Courage Adventure is designed around a transformative learning approach, using bold action and intentional reflection to fast-track learning, resilience, growth, and catapult you to the next level.


Stunning location

Home for Courage Adventure is a stunning ecotourism retreat in the countryside of Tomar, Portugal. It’s lush, calm, beautiful nature, as far as the eyes can see.

Full facilities

The 20 hectare eco-friendly retreat is complete with 175m2 geodesic dome, salt-water swimming pool, sun terrace with bbq, lounge with sofas and fireplace, fields with horses, organic vegetable garden, and fruit orchard.

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Choice of accommodation

We understand how important it is to have a comfortable and cosy home away from home. On Courage Adventure you can choose from a range of apartments, dorms, tipis, and yurts. Whether you are travelling solo, with friends, as a couples or a group, there are accommodation options to suit your needs.   


All meals included

Three delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals are served each day. And there’s great coffee.

Organic vegetarian food

In-house chefs prepare nutritious vegetarian food for our Adventurers, using organic produce freshly picked from the vegetable garden and fruit orchid on-site.

Catering for all dietary needs

There are options for all dietary requirements, as long as our On-Boarding Team knows in advance.

And much much more...

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Catalyst for change

Courage Adventure is committed to empowering you to help make the personal and professional changes that you want to make happen, better and faster.

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Life-long connections

On Courage Adventure you don’t just meet new people, you share a life-changing experience that connects you and your fellow Adventurers on a deeper level of understanding, community, and family.

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Ready to take on the world

Your experience on Courage Adventure is sure to re-energise you with a world of new possibilities.

Courage has connected me with a new like-minded community that makes my life happier. Challenging myself into the unknown has given me a kick and the experiences have really enriched my life
— Cristina Correia, Worldwide Traveller & Business Acceleration Consultant / Former Global Marketing, Retail and E-Commerce at Unilever
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After your Courage Adventure

The adventure doesn’t end after seven days, it’s only the beginning. You’ll be given Adventurer status to continue experiencing Courage Adventure long after you return.

Courage Global Membership Benefits

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Adventurer Services

After you return from your adventure, being a Courage Adventurer will give you access to special offers and opportunities that aren’t available to people outside of Courage Global.  

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Access to a Global Community

Connected by the shared experience of a Courage Adventure and a private Facebook group, Courage Global strengthens and grows the global bond of Courage Adventure, empowering past and present Adventurers to take on the world, together.

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Adventurer Events & Meetups

Adventurers plan frequent events, reunions and meetups in their cities to keep the courageous adventures flowing.

Get away. Push your boundaries.
Discover a new you.

Discover your path with Courage Adventure and explore a world of possibilities.

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